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Innovation, Passion and Excellence

At SQL Tuners, we take pride in creating a positive and dynamic workplace where careers can flourish. From working with cutting-edge technology and products to collaborating with exceptional employees and forward-thinking clients, SQL Tuners is redefining the work place.

Our staff receive year round state-of-the-art training at no cost whatsoever to the professional¹. Additionally, we are committed to providing an advancement mechanism by which each professional can earn far more for every hour worked² than traditional placement agencies. We are a collaboration of SQL professionals dedicated to improving ourselves and providing that expertise where it is needed most.

We are always looking for talent in the SQL field. Whether you are at a junior or senior level, as long as you have a passion for MS SQL Server, we are interested in talking with you.

  • All required SQL Tuner technical training programs are provided free of charge to the professional while employed full time. Any initial training deemed required by SQL Tuners before a professional can be certified as a SQLT Field Technician® is treated as a sign-on bonus with a minimum term of service.
  • The advancement program is designed as an incentive to the professional to increase their skills and overall value to both the client and the industry. Under this program, Senior level professionals can earn much more of the rates billed directly to the client.