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Managed Services

From high-performance tuning, remote DBA services to custom client software – we have the deep SQL Database resources that businesses need to succeed.

SQL Tuners is the complete resource for small and medium sized companies seeking to ensure stability, performance, and security in their SQL Server database. Our managed services offer expert database resources to our clients allowing them focus on their core business. Proactive monitoring by our team of DBAs ensures that our clients’ databases run with optimum efficiency 24/7 365 days a year while our performance services extract the highest possible efficiencies from SQL Databases.

Client Benefits

  • Greater return on investment
    (more cost effective than staffing additional internal DBAs)
  • On-demand access to a pool of DBAs and elite SQLTuners
  • Expedited problem resolution
    (less downtime, less costs, and increased efficiency)
  • Internal staff free to focus on core business
  • Less downtime due to internal staff absenteeism

We proudly offer three flexible service programs tailored to suit our clients’ business needs.

The industry’s highest quality DBA support and customer service.

Our administration services provide standard DBA support for our clients SQL Server database needs. It’s a great fit for companies that don’t have the workload to justify staffing a full-time DBA or just need to free internal staff for other critical tasks. Our team of professional DBAs provides the highest quality work and customer service. This support package provides up to 10 hours per week for essential administration tasks. Most support is performed remotely, but in some cases onsite work is recommended.



Services include:
  • DR Planning
    (based on RTO and RPO objectives per application)
  • Security Configuration (SOX compliant)
  • SQL Server Install & Configuration
  • SQL Server Critical Patch Monitoring & Application
  • Reactive SQL Server Monitoring & Support
  • DR Implementation per application
  • Regular Database Backups
  • Regular Database Integrity Checks
  • Regular Database Optimizations
    (index rebuilds and fragmentation level reporting)
  • Initial / Ongoing Database Space Allocation & Monitoring
  • Database Growth Trending
SQL platform related technology support includes:
  • Replication
  • Database Mirroring
  • Database Snapshot
  • Log Shipping
  • SQL Agent
  • Linked Server / RPC
  • Partitioning
  • Cluster Services

Unparalleled SQL Database Performance Management – Unparalleled Results

Our performance services extract the highest possible efficiencies from SQL Databases. We often produce 300-800 percent performance gains for our clients. Our SQL Tuner experts have the rare combined skill set of DBA, Developer, and Architectural expertise. Until recently this level of SQL performance management was only available at large corporations with SQL Server® storage engines and query experts on staff. Now SQL Tuners offers these same performance gains to small and medium sized companies.

Utilizing our proprietary management software, we actively monitor your production SQL databases for suboptimal database code. This data is then presented to our resident certified SQL Tuners for analysis. Corrective solutions are designed and provided to your development team along with the original offending code and analysis. Additionally, performance trending analysis is monitored proactively to identify code with degrading performance before it becomes problematic.



Our SQL Tuner Professional Expertise
  • Storage Engine / Query Optimization / Indexing Strategies
  • Performance Architecture Strategies of OLTP, OLAP, and Data Warehouse Applications
  • Database Administration for VLDB Applications
  • TSQL Development for High TPS Applications

Budgeting for your firm’s SQL service needs just got easier.

Aligning on-going and emergency SQL service needs with internal staff availability is difficult for many firms. Our SQL Open service packages allow firms to best manage these needs. SQL Open™ is our pre-negotiated package that can be specifically tailored to your firm’s needs. This is a perfect solution for clients who wish to free their full time staff to work on other projects while SQL Tuners handles many of their on-going and emergency SQL needs. Your firm also gets peace of mind knowing that they have full access to our expert SQL Tuners should the need arise.

When compared to traditional placement agency temps our SQL Open service package is your best solution. With SQL Open your firm has access to the best DBAs while placement agency temps’ skill levels are often unpredictable. Also, we maintain an intimate knowledge of your unique environment, reducing mistakes and ramp-up time.


Available Services

  • Application architecture
  • High-performance SQL development
  • SQL storage and server head design consultants
  • Escalation point for all SQL Server issues
    (SME – Subject Matter Expert)
  • Proactive SQL problem management
  • Capacity management
  • SQL Server install and configuration standards