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Consulting Services

Our SQL Database consulting services provide value-driven solutions for small and medium sized companies.

We have deep SQL Database expertise and proven analysis methodologies that generate powerful results for our clients. Our solutions optimize architecture, increase operational efficiencies and deliver immediate performance gains. We’re the true SQL Database experts – often producing 300-800 percent performance gains for our clients.

Businesses are constantly increasing the demands on their server environment. Legacy systems are being pushed to their performance and size limits – systems that were designed to handle hundreds of transactions per second are now being pushed to deliver data at thousands of transactions per second (TPS). IT managers often turn to expensive hardware solutions (increased memory, CPU and high performance fiber storage), but even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on hardware upgrades only see performance increase by 15-20 percent.

When compared to costly hardware solutions or other unproven consultants we offer the best results. Our consultants offer unparalleled solutions, proven methods and maximum return on investment. We look forward to discussing your firm’s goals and implementing an action plan to achieve them.

Onsite Performance Evaluation

Evaluation of the disk subsystem through Performance Monitor disk counters such as:

  • Disk Queue Length
  • IOPS
  • Disk Latency

(Results are then compared to the physical configuration of the disks, i.e. Spindle Count, RAID Configuration, Controller Configuration)


Evaluation of the SQL Configuration

  • Disk Queue Length
  • Datafile Physical Design and Layout
  • Log File Physical Design and Layout
  • TempDB Physical Design and Layout
  • Autogrowth Configuration
  • Query Plan Analysis of Problem Queries
  • High Level Architectural Analysis of SQL Data Systems

Evaluation of Server Performance through Performance Monitor

  • Memory Usage
  • SQL Server Memory Manager
  • CPU Usage
  • Network Usage
  • Page File Usage