SQL Open™

Budgeting for your firm’s SQL service needs just got easier.

Aligning on-going and emergency SQL service needs with internal staff availability is pain point for many firms. Our SQL Open service packages allow firms to best manage these needs. SQL Open™ is our pre-negotiated package that can be specifically tailored to your firm’s needs. This is a perfect solution for clients who wish to free their full time staff to work on other projects while SQL Tuners handles many of their on-going and emergency SQL needs. Your firm also gets peace of mind knowing that they have full access to our expert SQL Tuners should the needs arise.

When compared to traditional placement agency temps our SQL Open service package is your best solution. With SQL Open your firm has access to the best DBAs while placement agency temps’ skill levels are often unpredictable. Also, we maintain an intimate knowledge of your unique environment, reducing mistakes and ramp-up time.

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Services that can be included in your package:

  • Application architecture
  • High-performance SQL development
  • SQL storage and server head design consultants
  • Escalation point for all SQL Server issues
    (SME – Subject Matter Expert)
  • Proactive SQL Problem Management
  • Capacity Management
  • SQL Server install and configuration standards