NexTron™ SQL

Our Proprietary SQL Management Software

What if you could use the same proprietary SQL management software that the SQL pros use? Well, now you can! NexTron SQL management software is now available for our clients to use on their own desktops. Enjoy access to SQL configuration and detailed performance data at your fingertips. Actively monitor your production SQL databases for suboptimal database code. Download the query plan into SQL Management Studio for analysis or see how fast your database is growing and easily project future capacity issues. With NexTron, you have a clear picture of what is going on in your SQL production environment and are equipped to respond quickly. While NexTron gives you all this powerful insight and actionable data tools it also saves you money - allowing you to cut down on costly performance investigations.

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Software Features

  • Configuration Detail
    View SQL Configuration information, categorized into Major and Minor groups.
  • Database Detail
    Drill down through each of your databases to quickly see current usage information.
  • Worst Performers
    View the top worst performing code at both the SQL Instance as well as the individual database level.
  • Statement Level Performance Detail
    Drill down to the individual stored procedure or even the actual statement within the stored procedure to view the performance detail and trend.
  • Query Plan Detail
    Download the SQL Query Plan into SQL Management Studio™ for analysis.
  • Index Level Performance Detail
    Allows you to quickly see which indexes are useful and which are not.
  • Growth Trends
    View usage trends at both the SQL Instance as well as individual database level to better enable you to plan for capacity.

Powerful analytics on your desktop!

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