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  • SQL Tuners' Disk Partition Best Practices

    SQL Server disk subsystem design is probably the most important aspect in preparing for a production SQL Server installation. There are a lot of questions involving spindle count, RAID configuration, direct attached, iSCSI, SAN, disk sizes etc. We do quite a few preliminary analysis and recommendations for our clients preparing ...

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  • Measuring Disk IO performance for SQL Servers

    Let me preface this blog by saying that this is a huge topic. I remind clients that SQL Server tuning is more of an art than a science. While technically that is somewhat inaccurate, it does convey a valid point that it really takes a good inner-sense to quickly get ...

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  • SET based processing vs. Iterative

    Surprisingly common, iterative processing is not exactly what one would expect when working with a SET based storage engine architecture such as SQL Server. Yet, I find myself looking at iterative design structures quite often when asked why a particular stored procedure is not performing as expected. So I thought ...

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  • Auto Update Statistics - good or bad?

    As we all know, table statistics are a critical resource that the optimizer uses in determining a good query plan. Not just that they exist but that they are up to date and as accurate as it can be. Statistics provide the optimizer algorithm with the essential data density maps that ...

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  • How many indexes does my table need?

    While the question "How many indexes should I have on my tables?" is good and one I get asked about a lot, it is not necessarily an easy one to answer as not all answers are correct for every environment. So care needs to be taken when designing an indexing ...

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  • Welcome to the SQL Tuners blog

    Welcome to our new blog! Over the coming months we will be adding content here covering topics from best practices to real world, in-the-field issues we run across as we strive to get the most out of SQL Server installations across the industry. Look for new articles weekly and feel ...

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